Adorable Bunny Socks


I am sorry for not posting for quite a long time but I was going through some pictures and accidentally found these. I have decided that these are the most adorable socks I have ever seen!


Questions about baby bunnies

At what age do baby bunnies open their eyes?

Baby bunnies tend to take about a week to ten days to open their eyes.


At what age do they start to walk/hop?

Baby bunnies start hopping around their nest at about two weeks from the time that they were born.


At what age do baby bunnies become mature enough to leave their mother?

Baby bunnies can be separated from their mother from 6 to 8 weeks. It depends on the babies.

My Rabbit Caramel :D

I havent posted for a while now, so I now am putting some pictures of my rabbit Caramel. He is 2 and 1/2 years old and loves to play. He lives outside and is a caramel colored bunny. What you have to do now is to vote for which picture you like the most from him. I hope you like this! :D

1. DSC00475

2. DSC00489

3. DSC00499

4. DSC00126

5. DSC00133

6. IMG_7580

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