Hey! Im Luna and Welcome to my blog Not Just Pets,

What Its About

This blog is about bunnies! I also put a page for funny pictures if you feel like it! :)On this blog I have pictures and information,voting posts where you can comment a number with your favourite picture, I have fun quizzes, and bunny days! Here you can find links to pages where you can buy things for your bunny or buy a bunny! I have put everything i think i a NEED TO KNOW about keeping a bunny. My posts are sometimes long and sometimes short. I have some bunnies myself so I think this information really helped me. :)

My Inspiration & How it came to Be

My inspiration to make this blog were my four bunnies Midnight, Caramel, Jewel, and Sugar! I love them all <3 ! When i first got t know how to make a blog the first thing i thought of was lizzards but i know nothing about lizzards so as i was looking at my bunnies i realized what i really want my blog to be about and thats how NOT JUST PETS came to be!

If you have any questions or ways of improving my blog please send them from the Contact Me page I will be delighted to help you ;). I really hope you like my blog <3!

For the information that I don’t own I have put a website on every post :)


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