A video of how a bunny can walk on its back feet :D

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Problems… Problems?

One of my bunnies has some sort of infection so… im taking it to the vet tommorow. I will post the infection that it has and everything about it tommorow :D !

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Do I separate my bunnies?

Here is some information I found from other websites:

It is difficult to persuade rabbits like this to get on with each other, and dwarf rabbits appear to be sometimes more aggressive than calmer species, such as French Lops.

Pet rabbits can be kept together in the same space with different animals, but two or more rabbits in one cage can often react badly.

The fighting can cause severe mutilation, especially of the head and ears, and preventative castration does not necessarily rule out fighting.

One thing you can do is to look at the cage space. The floor area should be at least 0.3m2 for a single rabbit less than 2kg, increased by 0.2 m2 per animal if several are kept together. If the rabbits are over 2kg, the floor space should be increased by 0.1 – 0.2 m2 per extra kilogram of bodyweight.

Providing they have enough space, you can try and see if you can persuade them to get on. Try getting an altogether new cage and put all rabbits into it, with plenty of hiding places for the submissive rabbit. Supervise them closely until you are sure that they will not fight.

However, you may find that the rabbits cannot get on together at all, and you will have to consider housing them separately.

We know this thanks to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-136262/Should-separate-rabbits.html#ixzz2Ki8rf1Xr

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Swimming Bunny

I was looking through videos on Youtube and I found this video of how this bunny swims! I find it interesting and it is not torturing the cute little animal, if you read the description you will find out. :D

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I Got New Bunnies!

OK guys i’m back and ready to write about anything you need to know about your cute new fluffy pets. If you could, send me any question you have on my e-mail.( lunaradonjanin@yahoo.com )  I would enjoy answering your questions. And yes, i am happy to say i have gotten four new bunnies which give me the double inspiration to write about these lovely creatures on my blog. Thank you for reading this.

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